Bowen Series 150 Overshots

The Bowen Series 150 overshot is the strongest fishing tool available to externally engage, pack off, and pull a fish.


An industry standard since the 1930s, the rugged, user-friendly Bowen™ Series 150 overshot withstands extremely heavy pulling and torsional, jarring strains without causing damage or distortion to the tool or the fish. 

Through the installation of proper undersize parts, the tool may be adapted to engage and pack-off any smaller size.

A basket grapple is an expandable cylinder with a tapered exterior to conform to the helically tapered section in the bowl. Its interior is wickered for engagement with the fish. Two types of basket grapples are available to meet the need for catching various types of fish.


  • Rugged design – Withstands pulling, torsional, and jarring strain
  • Left-hand helix grapple with tapered exterior – Conforms to the helically tapered section in the bowl
  • Sharp wickered interior – Enables stronger engagement with fish


  • Extension subs
  • Oversize guides
  • Wall-hook guides
  • Milling shoes
  • Lock rings


Calculated strength data on all Bowen Series 150 Overshots are available on request.

  • Bowen Series 150 Overshots Instruction Manual

Angled render of Bowen Series 150 Overshots assembly basket cutaway

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