Bowen Skirted Mill System

Our Bowen skirted mills dress or clean a fish, aiding in the recovery process. Skirted mill systems incorporate all items necessary for a simple washover and dress operation, ensuring compatibility between components.


The Bowen™ skirted mill can be used in cased- and open-hole configurations and is available in industry-standard sizes. The mill meets NS-2 and DS-1 fishing standards and is offered in several configurations, including with optional thread connections and stabilizer pads. The mills are available dressed or without carbide, allowing for local customization.


  • Variable length of wash shoe section to accommodate specific needs
  • Available with various rotary shoe designs
  • Available from 1.75- to 26-in. OD
  • Designs available in standardized fish neck length
  • Dressed with industry-leading Bowen ItcoloyX, ensuring a long tool life
  • Available with optional thread connections

Applications for use

  • Dressing fish top
  • Removing debris from around the fish
  • Bowen Skirted Mill System Technical Summary

Bowen Skirted Mill System three fourths render
Bowen Skirted Mill System front render