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Image of a single Bowen Super II Jar Intensifier Tool supported on tripods

Bowen Super II Jar Intensifier Tool

Achieve intensified impacts during jarring operations with the Bowen Super II Jar Intensifier tool.

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The Bowen™ Super II Intensifier™ runs in conjunction with a Bowen fishing jar, supplying intensified impacts during jarring operations. The Intensifier tool is a fluid spring that stores energy when a strain is pulled on the fishing string. When the strain is removed by the free stroke of the jar, stored energy releases, accelerating the drill collars upward until striking a blow of high impact. Each size of Bowen Super II Jar Intensifier matches a corresponding size of Bowen fishing jar.


  • Improved performance – Allows for a constant working oil volume during operation
  • Thermal compensation – Allows oil to move into an area in the tool when elevated temperatures cause the oil to expand, eliminating the danger of overpressure due to thermal expansion of the fluid while compensating for any minor leakage that may occur
  • Operation – Simple, requiring only straight pull to the desired pull load of the jar below
  • Bowen Fishing Jar Systems Catalog
  • Jar Intensifiers Instruction Manual
Image of three different sized Bowen Super II Jar Intensifier Tools supported on tripods

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