Bowen Taper Mill

Our Bowen taper mills aid in the removal of restrictions from tubing, casing, or liner strings.The taper mill geometry is optimized to enlarge restriction within the completion string and aid in the dressing/deburring of casing exit areas.


The Bowen™ taper mill's integral design and ItcoloyX cutting structure provide improved strength and durability. The mill meets NS-2 and DS-1 fishing standards and is offered in several configurations, including with optional thread connections and stabilizer pads. The taper mills are available dressed or without carbide, allowing for local customization.


  • Integral blades
  • Available from 2- to 28-in. OD
  • Designs available in standardized fish neck length
  • Dressed with industry-leading Bowen ItcoloyX, ensuring longer tool life
  • Available with optional thread connections

Applications for use

  • Remediation of collapsed casing, tubulars, or liners
  • Restriction removal
  • Deburring
  • Bowen Taper Mill Technical Summary

Bowen Taper Mill group shot
Different Bowen Taper Mill sizes laid out on pallet
Bowen Taper Mill side render
Bowen Taper Mill three fourths render
Front render of a Bowen Taper Mill