Bowen Type Z Oil Jar

Control each blow downhole with full circulation and effective flushing with the Bowen Type Z oil jar.


The Bowen™ Type Z oil jar is easy to use and operate, allowing you to positively control each blow to deliver a light or heavy impact. The straight-pull-operated jar maintains full circulation for effective flushing and full torque in either direction. Offering a wide range of jarring blow intensity, this jar may be used for fishing, testing, coring, milling, reaming, light drilling, side tracking, and other washover operations.


  • User-friendly – Closes and resets easily; requires no setting or adjustment before going in the hole or after the fish has been engaged
  • Long-lasting – Hydraulic fluid lubricates the internal working parts, promoting long wear resistance
  • Fishing Jar Systems Brochure

  • Bowen Type Z Oil Jar Instruction Manual

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