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BPS Burst Port System

Premium casing accessory with pre-milled frac ports that open at precise pressures, providing operators more control over their fracture stimulation

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Our patented BPS™ (Burst Port System) features a casing collar with pre-milled frac ports designed to open at precise pressures, providing operators more control over their fractures' diversion.

The BPS uses pressure-activated ports to create a conduit from the wellbore to the formation face. BPS collars contain pre-drilled holes covered by burst plates designed to open at a predetermined pressure. These collars are integrated into the production casing and can be cemented in place. The BPS ports are opened by pressurizing the wellbore from surface; it comes with standard ports or with Maxx series (BPS Maxx) that has three times the flow area for applications requiring a higher injection rate.

When a casing test is mandated to be higher than the toe-valve initiation pressure, the (BPS-iS) is designed with an integral seat to land a dissolvable ball and achieve that higher casing test requirement; this is also available with our Maxx technology (BPS-iS Maxx)

Finally, having the ability to shut-off the BPS during the well's life is critical for well production performance, and the BPS MOC provides a reliable field-proven solution with multi-open capabilities.

Our Burst Port System’s flexibility brings value to different applications:

Toe Initiation

Traditionally, tubing-conveyed perforation guns have been the necessary means of gaining access to the formation at the toe of a horizontal well for stimulation purposes. This perforating method requires expensive setup and complicated operations to achieve what our BPS technology can accomplish at a fraction of the cost, without tubing.

Multistage Fracturing

The BPS uses our selective stimulation straddle tool technology, allowing repeatable, selective isolation of downhole intervals for pinpoint stimulation treatments. After fracing the zone, the tool can be quickly repositioned to the next BPS casing collar to repeat the process. The straddle tool can be pulled out of the well once finished, allowing immediate production without the need to drill out plugs or ball seats.

The BPS is ideal for horizontal multistage completions, where ball-drop fracture treatments are not desirable.

Toe fracturing

Multiple BPS collars can be installed throughout the toe section with predetermined spacing, resulting in the stimulation equivalent of multiple perforation clusters across the interval. This application eliminates toe prep operations and maximizes efficiencies by replacing the first stage frac plug with associated pump down risks.


  • Tool activated with applied pressure at the surface
  • Engineered rupture disc for desired opening pressure and flow area
  • No moving parts
  • Maxx technology allows for high flow area through ports
  • Customized ports for desired flow area
  • High-temperature application, up to 450 °F (232 °C)
  • Manufactured to any casing specification
  • Full-bore ID toe valve with an integrated millable ball/seat
  • Ability to be closed and opened multiple times


  • Atmospheric pressure design eliminates the need to calculate reservoir pressure
  • Increased accuracy using rupture disc versus standard shear screws
  • Can be run as part of a variety of multistage fracturing systems
  • Significant cost and time savings compared to traditional toe perforation methods
  • Eliminates the need for intervention to initiate flow at the toe of a horizontal completion
  • Reduced operational risk by eliminating the need for workover rig or wireline
  • 100% casing pressure test available when combined with i-Seat™ technology
  • Decouples casing pressure test and flow-initiation operation
  • Shiftable sleeve to Isolate zone after treatment
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Technician and BPS in assembly facility

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