BRANDT Transfer System

Transfer slurries of drilled solids, wastes, and sludge from one point to another or to an off-site location. 


Advanced transfer of drilled solids, wastes, and sludge

The BRANDT™ Transfer System (BTS) by WellSite Services’ FluidControl group transfers slurries of drilled solids, wastes, and sludge from one point to another or to an off-site location. Specifically, the BTS is used to pump drilled material from closed-loop systems, reserve pits, barges, oil storage tanks, and bulk haulage vessels. Suitable for offshore or land applications, the BTS is especially effective in capturing discarded drilling wastes in closed-loop systems. As such, the system eliminates the need for backhoes, sloops, and/or other such equipment. Additionally, a boom can be mounted to the unit to provide quick transfer of slurries directly to waiting trucks or vessels.

The BTS consists of a patented submersible pump and transfer system. The pump is mounted on a self-contained tank with an integrated power pack and is available as a standalone, semiportable unit. The submersible pump features a unique intake-assist head and hydraulic drive motor that work to easily transfer concentrated slurries. The motor is variable speed, providing operational flexibility in situations of varying material consistency.

The BTS is equipped with its own hydraulic power supply and has a choice in motor drive system of diesel or electric. Environmentally safe hydraulic fluids and high-pressure hoses ensure compliance with HSE requirements. The system integrates well with other waste management technologies such as centrifugal dryers, cuttings injection systems, closed-loop systems, pit closures, biotreatment, and others.


BTS Transfer Tank System

Length 50 ft (15.3 m)
Width 8 ft (2.4 m)
Height 11.5 ft (3.5 m)
Tank length 40 ft (12.2 m)
Capacity 215 bbl (34.2 m3)

BTS Power Pack

Diesel power 165 hp (123 kW)
Hydraulic power 130 hp (97 kW)
Maximum pressure 3,600 psi (245 atm)
Motor control Operator station/variable speed