Bulk Cement Plants

We build custom-designed and standard pressure, vacuum, and non-pressure bulk and tank systems to meet our customers’ needs.


Designed and configured for permanent or remote temporary plant installations

We design and manufacture bulk cement storage systems to meet ASME, DOT, DNV, or other applicable design requirements. With over 30 years of experience, we have the manufacturing technology, experience, and skilled craftsmen to ensure superior quality that meets your requirements.

Utilizing our engineering experience, we have custom designed stationary and portable bulk plant solutions to meet your operational needs. These systems come complete with controls, bulk storage tanks, weight scale tanks, blend tanks, waste tanks, dust collectors, electronic weight scales systems, and a pressure additive hopper to ensure proper storage and precise bulk material blending.

Stationary bulk plants

Wilco™ stationary bulk plants are intended to be more permanently located and are usually significantly larger and have more sophisticated layouts than our portable bulk plants. They are often powered off of a local grid and will have larger pneumatic flow capabilities. Although categorized as stationary, these bulk plants can be moved as needed. 

Portable bulk plants

Wilco™ portable bulk plants are usually smaller and have a more compact layout than stationary bulk plants. They are often self-powered, having an electric generator and compressor units driven by diesel engines or electric motors powered by the grid. The various components such as the blending tanks, control house, air compressor, generator, and bulk storage vessels are all skid mounted for ease of transport. The bulk storage vessels are lay-down/stand-up tanks.

Sack cutting skids

The Wilco™ 50-ft3 sack cutter skid is a skid-mounted pressure vessel designed to displace dry powdered additives from small sacks to a pneumatic blending system. The skid-mounted sack cutter is equipped with tow bars and forklift pockets.

Dust collectors

We offer various ASME and non-code dust collectors to meet your requirements, including ASME pressure/vacuum dust collectors, ASME Torit dust collectors, non-code pressure/vacuum dust collectors, and non-pressure dust collectors.

  • ASME pressure/vacuum dust collector – This dust collector is a 900-ft³/m unit designed per ASME Code for 40 psi and 30-in. Hg at -20˚F.
  • ASME Torit dust collector – A new and revolutionary product from the designers at Wilco in coordination with a global leader in filtration technology, Donaldson Torit. This dust collector is a pressure vessel designed to ASME Section VIII, rated for full vacuum and maximum working pressure.
  • Non-code pressure/vacuum dust collector – This dust collector is a 900-ft³/m unit designed for vented, non-pressure operation. The unit utilizes 31 GORE-TEX high durability filter bags having an efficiency rating of 99.034% (particle size .300 um).
  • Non-pressure dust collector – Designed specifically for vent air cleaning for bulk cement plants, this dust collector model is a 600-CFM unit designed for vented, non-pressure operation. The unit utilizes 19 GORE-TEX high durability filter bags having an efficiency rating of 99.034% (particle size .300 um).

To learn more about our various dust collector offerings, download our specification sheet here.

Rock catcher

Designed per ASME Section VIII, the Wilco rock catcher is intended to be installed in a displacement line, and it has a screen for catching large objects that could damage the vessel or other equipment. The various designs are made for easy removal and maintenance.

  • Wilco Stationary Bulk Plant Specification Sheet

  • Wilco Portable Bulk Plant Specification Sheet

  • Cement Plant Dust Collectors Specification Sheet

  • Cementing Solutions Brochure

  • Wilco Capabilities and Services Brochure

  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

A sunrise view of a Wilco Stationary Cement Plant
An aerial view of a Stationary Cement Plant
Render of Portable Cement Plant

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