Side view of Wilco Bulk Storage Trailer

Bulk Storage Trailer

Our WST-1600 trailer-mounted stationary bulk storage bins allow you to have readily available and accessible blended cement onsite.

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Four ASME-code pneumatic storage silos are mounted on an open-frame trailer that can store up to 1,660 ft3 of bulk materials. The trailer is deployed empty to well locations and is easily setup onsite; the hydraulic landing legs are retracted, resting the trailer’s under-frame on the ground and allowing the trailer to support the weight of the stored bulk cement. Bulk cement is conveniently and quickly unloaded using a trailer-mounted air compressor, powered by an on-board diesel engine. 

When space utilization is a concern, we also offer the market’s largest vertical storage solution with our 1,610-ft3 vertical deployment system.


  • Built to ASME code
  • Hydraulic landing leg jacks
  • Manual manifold valves standard with optional remote-control air-actuated valves
  • Optional dust collectors

Bulk Storage Trailer Specifications

Note: Trailer should only be transported empty.


47.0 ft 5.5 in. (14.47 m)


8 ft 6 in. (2.59 m)


13 ft 4 in. (4.06 m)

Total weight (empty)

37,100 lb (16 800 kg)

Weight at rear axles (empty*)

19,600 lb (8890 kg)

Unloaded kingpin weight

17,500 lb (7940 kg)

Bulk Storage Trailer Storage Vessel Specifications*

*Note: The tanks are designed per the ASME pressure vessel code for temperatures above -20 °F (-29 °C). Special low-temperature (-50 °F [-45.6 °C]) pressures can be optionally supplied.

Bulk storage tanks

Four 422-ft3 (12.0-m3) bulk storage tanks

Useable volume transport tanks

415 ft3 (11.8 m3)

Maximum allowable working pressure

40 psi at 250 °F (276 kPa at 121 °C)

Minimum design metal temperature

-20 °F at 40 psi (-29 °C at 276 kPa)

  • Bulk Storage Trailer Data Sheet
  • Wilco Capabilities and Services Brochure
  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

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