Bulldog Annular Frac-Shifting BHA

Our Bulldog Frac sleeve technology is activated by using our proprietary Bulldog Frac bottom hole assembly (BHA), which allows operators to locate, shift open, isolate, and stimulate each stage with the help of a multiset packer.

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The Bulldog™ Frac bottomhole assembly (BHA) is bred from offshore heritage, using the field-proven locating and shifting capability of the i-Shift teamed with our best-in-class coiled tubing straddle frac and abrasive jet components. The payoff is a modular, robust, and reliable means of conducting cost-effective annular frac stimulations. The Bulldog Frac BHA is designed specifically for all land-based operations.


  • Legacy North Sea i-Shift design
  • Proven packer system designed to withstand up to 10,000-psi (69 000-kPa) differential
  • Integral abrasive perforating tool with ceramic nozzles
  • Slim design and improved clearances over the competition
  • Modular concept allows compatibility with all Bulldog frac sleeves
  • Boron-carbide equalizing valve outperforms industry-standard elastomeric seal designs
  • Laser cladding for enhanced erosion resistance


  • Reliable shifting and active sleeve locating
  • Extremely tolerant to high-rate abrasive fluids
  • Increased pumping efficiency and rate with slim design
  • Abrasive perforation contingency enables “on-the-fly” increase to the number of stimulated intervals
  • Ability to pump-down the coiled tubing to mitigate an impending screen-out
  • Uses the deadleg for fracture diagnostics
  • No stage count limitations


  • Completions requiring reliable, single points of entry
  • Formations with a high frequency of screen-outs
  • High stage count stimulation designs
  • Wells requiring abrasive perforating

Bulldog Annular Frac Shifting BHA Specifications

Bulldog Frac 450 A 450 B
Casing weight, lb/ft (kg/m) 11.60 (17.26) 13.50 (20.09)
OD, in. (mm) 3.875 (98.4) 3.750 (95.3)
ID, in. (mm) 1.700 (43.2) 1.700 (43.2)
MUL, in. (mm) 266.0 (6.756) 266.0 (6.756)
Rated pressure, psi (kPa) 10,000 (69,000) 10,000 (69,000)
  • Bulldog Frac Bottomhole Assembly (BHA) Data Sheet
  • Bulldog Frac The Dirty Test Sand Endurance Test Flyer

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