Bulldog Dual-Shift Frac Sleeve

Our Bulldog Frac sleeves are activated with the Bulldog Frac BHA, which allows operators to locate, shift open, isolate, and stimulate each stage. Bulldog Frac sleeves are smaller, lighter, and easier to handle than any other sleeve on the market.

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Our Bulldog™ dual-shift (DS) frac sleeve technology features a mechanical shift, multiple-open-and-close sleeve specifically designed for extended-reach horizontal multistage completions. In most extended horizontal applications, sufficient downward force is limited. The Bulldog DS frac sleeve requires only upward movement to open and close, providing a reliable means of stimulation.

It is activated using proprietary coiled tubing deployed from the Bulldog Frac bottomhole assembly (BHA), which enables operators to locate, shift open, and stimulate each isolated stage. The Bulldog Frac BHA uses the proven i-Shift tool to engage each sleeve profile independently, preventing inadvertent closing of the sleeve.The unique design allows for future refracturing operations as required. The Bulldog Frac sleeve has a full-bore ID and is designed with large treatment ports, removing choke points and maximizing stimulation and production flow area.


  • Separate profiles for opening and closing using only upward movement
  • Multi-open/close functionality through mechanical shifting tools
  • Fully compatible with either cemented or openhole completions
  • Pinpoint fracture initiation in cemented applications
  • Full-bore body design
  • Each sleeve provides accurate depth location during the shifting operations.



  • Patented and field-proven sealing system offers full pressure testing of closed sleeves even after several years in service
  • Closable sleeves give the option to perform future refracturing as required
  • Increased pumping efficiency and rate
  • No stage count limitations
  • No ID restriction to choke production
  • No handling pup joints required


  • Extended-reach horizontal completions
  • Acid or proppant stimulations
  • Completions requiring reliable single point of entry
  • High stage count stimulation designs
  • Formations with a high frequency of screenouts

Bulldog Dual-Shift Frac Sleeve Specifications

Bulldog DS 450 DS
OD 5.6 in. (142.24 mm)
Body ID 3.9 in. (99.06 mm)
Length1 44.0 in. (1118 mm)
Weight 132 lb (60 kg)
Working pressure 10,000 psi (69 000 kPa)
Tensile strength 325,000 lbf (147 425 kN)
Temperature 350 °F (177 °C)
Threads2 LTC standard

1 Lengths will vary depending on end sub threading and screen size.

2 Premium connections are available.

  • Bulldog Frac Dual Shift DS Sleeve Data Sheet
  • Bulldog Frac Bottomhole Assembly (BHA) Data Sheet
  • Bulldog Frac The Dirty Test Sand Endurance Test Flyer

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