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A Bullmastiff Frac System MO drills through sand

Bullmastiff Multistage Frac System

An open-hole, ball-drop-activated multistage frac system that incorporates proppant and formation debris control

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The Bullmastiff™ is an open-hole ball-drop-activated multistage frac system that incorporates proppant and formation debris control. Preventing proppant flowback is achieved with the use of sand screens that are exposed post-frac to begin production. Utilizing a mechanical method of sand control, the Bullmastiff enhances well economics over the lifetime of the well by reducing surface facility requirements and providing production efficiencies.

The Bullmastiff screen sub is used in conjunction with the Bullmastiff frac and toe sleeves to create a frac system requiring minimum intervention and providing proppant and production sand control after the frac. This system saves time and water consumption, with no delays between stages.


  • Modular design with slip-on or direct wrap screens
  • Patented mill-open design
  • Ball-drop frac valve operated
  • No rate-limiting coiled tubing strings in the well throughout stimulation
  • Configurable screen for any sand or proppant design
  • Fully protected sand screens during stimulation
  • Multiple screens can be run in one stage
  • Only one ball dropped per stage
  • Drillable cast-iron ball seats for easy mill out
  • Can be run with hydraulically activated or swellable packers
  • Toe sleeve uses atmospheric pressure-activated burst ports
  • Designed for open-hole applications utilizing sand screens
  • Configurable nozzles and shear pressures
  • Seat increments optimized based on pressure requirements


  • Adopting an unconventional open-hole ball-drop system in pumping operations
  • Maintain stage count of open-hole ball-drop applications
  • "Open-frac-close" - each sleeve is closed after treatment
  • Proppant flowback and formation debris control saves time, money, and well maintenance
  • Toe sleeve activation pressure is independent of reservoir pressure
  • Ability to employ continuous pumping operations
  • Excellent zonal isolation and optimized fracture initiation
  • Maximized reservoir contact
  • Reduced HSE risk by eliminating the need for dedicated wireline operations


  • Fracturing/stimulating unconsolidated reservoirs
  • Wellbores that have sand control concerns at surface
  • Proppant and sand production control
  • Fracturing/stimulation
  • Production
  • water and gas breakthrough shutoff with standard and autonomous inflow control devices.
  • High-temperature applications
  • Bullmastiff Screen Sub Data Sheet
  • Bullmastiff Frac Sleeve Data Sheet
  • Bullmastiff Maxx Toe Sleeve Data Sheet
  • Bullmastiff Frac Sand Control System Case Study
  • Lower Completions Portfolio

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