Burst Port System – Toe-Initiation Sub

Our innovative Burst Port System (BPS) toe-initiation sub may be used to stimulate the toe of a well at a fraction of the cost, without the expensive setup of coiled tubing or wireline to perforate the casing at the toe of the well.

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Traditionally, tubing-conveyed perforation guns have been the necessary means of gaining access to the formation at the toe of a horizontal well for stimulation purposes. This perforating method requires expensive setup and complicated operations to achieve what our BPS™ technology can accomplish at a fraction of the cost, without tubing.

The BPS uses pressure-activated ports to create a conduit from the wellbore to the formation face. BPS collars contain predrilled holes covered by burst plates designed to open at a predetermined pressure. These collars are integrated into the production casing and are typically cemented in place. The BPS ports are opened by pressurizing the wellbore at surface.

BPS – Toe fracturing

Multiple BPS collars can be installed throughout the toe section with predetermined spacing, resulting in the stimulation equivalent of multiple perforation clusters across the interval. To ensure all BPS ports are open, bio balls can be pumped from the surface to seal off the open ports in the collar. This allows for a subsequent pressure increase to rupture the remaining ports in all collars throughout the interval.

SPE papers:


  • Manufactured to any casing specification
  • Customized ports for desired flow area
  • Full-bore ID maintained by collar


  • Significant cost and time savings compared to traditional toe perforation methods
  • Reduced operational risk by eliminating the need for coiled tubing, workover rig, or wireline
  • No ID restriction for easy passage of cementing equipment
  • 100% casing pressure test available when combined with i-Seat™ technology 


  • Cemented and openhole horizontal multistage completions
  • Acid or proppant fracturing
  • High-temperature applications, up to 450 °F (232 °C)
  • Underpressured reservoirs preventing the frac balls from easily flowing back
  • Toe-frac initiation for plug-and-perf and other cemented installations 
  • BPS (Burst Port System) Toe Initiation Data Sheet
  • Escalation in the East Case Study

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