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BW Shield Corrosion Protection

Mitigate preferential corrosion of bias welds and increase the useful life of your strings.

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BW Shield™, an innovation from Quality Tubing, is a coiled tubing enhancement designed to minimize corrosion-related damage in bias welds. Coiled tubing operations in shale plays present companies with persistent corrosion challenges, including pitting corrosion due to microbes, leftover acid, chloride-rich solutions, and other harsh conditions found in downhole environments.

Corrosion typically attacks the bias weld, regardless of grade, which leads to early coiled tubing string retirements and costly downtime in critical completions operations. BW Shield prevents localized bias weld corrosion, helping you improve string life, increase reliability, and avoid service interruptions.

Additionally, BW Shield withstands corrosive environments and fatigue without the flaking and peeling typical of other surface-coating processes.

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