Cable Injector

The CTES cable injector system greatly reduces costs compared to vertical or horizontal installations.


We understand your need for live downhole data in intervention services and have designed the CTES™ cable injector system to make it safer, easier, and less expensive to inject cable into your coiled tubing strings. 

The cable injector enables cable to be pumped into or out of coiled tubing while it is still on the reel. This system greatly reduces costs when compared to vertical or horizontal installations and has the benefit of quickly installing cable without reducing the fatigue life of the coiled tubing string.

Our cable injection systems are skid mounted for ease of transportation. Using this system, a coiled tubing string may be lifted onto a platform without the cable inside, therefore reducing the total weight of the lift. The cable can then be installed before a job and removed after a job.

Our CTES coiled tubing cable installation system uses the following equipment to inject cable into a reel of coiled tubing:

  • Cable injector unit
  • Reel-mounted coiled tubing
  • Cable/wireline spooling unit


  • No impact on fatigue life of coiled tubing
  • Fast (up to 200 ft/min)
  • All coiled tubing sizes
  • Small footprint (79 x 73 in.)
  • Installs wireline cable and plastic-coated cable while the coiled tubing remains mounted on the reel
  • Rugged, field-proven design
  • Third-party certification/registration available
  • Uses capstan effect to make installation more efficient
  • A mechanical counter measures the length of cable injected
  • Reduces or removes cable torque by allowing cable spool to be vertically rotated

Cable/Wireline Spooling Unit

 Axel shaft diameter 3 in. 
 Dimensions (L×W×H)   110 × 84 × 74 in.
 Max. spool load limit  6,000 lb

Cable Injector Unit

 Work-surface dimensions (L×W) 79 × 73 in. 
 Max. working pressure  10,000 psi
 Weight: North Sea certified  7,500 lb
 Weight: Non-certified (hoist included)  8,000 lb

  • Cable Injector Flyer

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