Twin Cement Pumper rear view

CAM III Continuous Automated Mixing Control System

The Rolligon CAM system is a continuous automated mixing control system designed for twin or single cementing pumping equipment.

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Designed for continuous automated mixing, the CAM II system automates all aspects of the cement mixing process including mix water, bulk cement, and tub level. Combined with the industry-leading TEM™ mix head, the CAM II system can accurately place cement in your wellbore.

The integrated data acquisition system feeds process data to the primary DASTRAC system, which allows for data storage, graphing, and customer reports. The combined system makes a compete standalone software suite.


  • Automated water, bulk, and tub level control 
  • OPSD alarms and shutdown 
  • Support for four chemical additives 
  • Combined rate and totals for twin pump support 
  • Field-proven PID systems for feedback control 
  • Multiple parallel data transmission protocols: CAN, ethernet, and serial 
  • Standalone manual bypass 
  • Wireless option available 
  • Integrated data acquisition system that feeds data to the primary DASTRAC system 
  • Lifetime maintenance and software license 
  • VERSAFRAC compatible 
  • GoConnect compatible
  • Rolligon Software and Controls Solutions Catalog

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