Capillary and Mini Coil CTU Package

The capillary/mini-coil coiled tubing unit (CTU) services your needs when deck space and crane limitations exist as an alternative to traditional units that prohibit economically servicing wells.


This modular lightweight unit bridges a gap between traditional capillary and coiled tubing services and also opens up a wealth of opportunities for wells that are currently shut in or awaiting service. The unit breaks down into modular components with 3000 or 5000 kg maximum lifts (tubing size and length dependent for drums).


  • Control cabin 
  • Power pack—engine and hydraulic modules 
  • Auxiliary module—hose reels/blowout preventer (BOP) accumulators 
  • Drop-in-Drum (DID) frame and drum (options available) 
  • Pressure control basket 
  • Injector/gooseneck basket 
  • Can be accompanied with the mini nitrogen and mini fluid pump units


  • CE marking where necessary 
  • ATEX/DNV/BV approved equipment build specifications
  • Modular and lightweight with a smaller footprint
  • Reduced exposure to heavy lifts
  • An alternative cost-effective solution to catenary operations when a barge is required
  • Reduced logistics and personnel on board (POB) requirements
A Hydra Rig Capillary and Mini Coil CTU Package system
A Hydra Rig Capillary and Mini Coil CTU package system componenets
A Hydra Rig Capillary and Mini Coil CTU Package System

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