CARSAC High-Torque Connector

Our self-aligning tool string connector can withstand high degrees of torque in both directions.


We developed the CARSAC HT (Combination Anti-Rotation Self-Aligning Connector – High Torque) to create a dedicated self-aligning tool string connector capable of withstanding high degrees of torque in both directions.

The CARSAC HT assists with the tubing makeup when it is difficult to rotate the tools to engage threads and is particularly suited for long tool string applications. It is especially useful when used in conjunction with integral ball valves and deployment bars.

By incorporating the CARSAC HT in the bottomhole assembly (BHA), the string can be divided into smaller, more manageable sections. Each section can be torqued up accordingly before loading into the lubricator section. (The CARSAC HT matches the torsion yield strengths of all coiled tubing drilling thread connections for which high torque tolerance is a major consideration.)

The locking taper feature enables each section of the tool string to simply stab-in and centralize before the torque drive teeth positively engage into the female lower sub. The primary locking collar is then screwed down to lock the two sections together. The secondary locking collar can then be screwed down to secure the joint and prevent the primary collar from backing off.

When ordering a CARSAC HT connector, please specify size and thread connection.


  • Antirotation
  • High tensile/high torque
  • Self-aligning
  • Easy stabbing/easy breakout
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