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CM 22 door and upper tong

Casing Running Systems and Tools

Our casing running tool equipment allows you to take casing handling into your own hands.

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Confidence and safety with NOV casing running tools

Our aim is to increase crew safety and improve rig operations with hands-free and fully automated casing handling operations. We are bringing innovations to the drill floor with providing integrating casing tongs, handling equipment, torque verification, and zone management. 

Casing Module CM-22 and Torque Turn

The casing module consists of an upper tong, backup tong, and a stabbing guide. It is easily and quickly hooked on to the roughneck by hydraulic and electric quick connectors. Zone management and safety systems, including the NOV Torque Turn casing drilling logging system, ensure efficient, safe, and reliable makeup and breakout performances when fully automated and integrated into NOV control systems. The Torque Turn logging system is designed to monitor and log data from casing pipe spin-in and makeup operations and to perform data analysis according to given criteria for an acceptable connection. Torque Turn integrated casing tongs and NOV’s casing-ready pipe rackers enable the rig crew to perform all casing pipe handling and logging under the supervision of professional casing supervisors.

Together with a third-party approved torque verification sub, this setup ensures casing tong performance, including documentation and logging of a safe and reliable casing connection. Torque Turn visualizes the torque curves and suggests the torque shoulder point for makeup and spin-in operations. The system’s analysis function assists the operator by identifying and assessing the casing connection execution. The operator is prompted to revise the connection analysis before acceptance or rejection, introducing a systematic method to ensure a consistent approach for maintaining integrity of the entire well. For more information, review the CM-22 and Torque Turn reference guide attached in the related resources tab.


CM-22 Technical Specifications


Stabbing guide, radio remote, torque

verification sub

 Remote controlled from driller cabin


Connection hoses

Complete including quick connectors


Separate module attached to RN main frame

Rotation range

360° endless

Connection OD range

7 to 22 in.

Hydraulic requirements


300 L/min


420 L/min

Rotation speed:   


147,500 lb-ft: 2 rpm

88,500 lb-ft: 7 rpm

12,000 lb-ft: 15 rpm

Max. makeup torque: 


14 to 22 in.: 147,500 lb-ft

10 to 14 in.: 88,500 lb-ft

7 to 10 in.: 44,200 lb-ft

Max. breakout torque

14 to 22in.: 147,500 lb-ft

10 to 14 in.: 88,500 lb-ft

7 to 10 in.: 44,200 lb-ft

Horizontal travel

RN model dependent

Vertical adjustment

RN model dependent

Assembly weight

5000 kg


  • Casing Module CM22 and Torque Turn Spec Sheet

    Review technical specifications of CM-22 and Torque Turn

  • Iron Roughnecks Brochure

    Brochure highlighting our full line of iron roughnecks and their specifications

Reliable Connections

Hands-free and fully automated casing operations

Easy and quick hook up to the iron roughneck with the CM 22 Casing Module
Easy and quick hookup to the iron roughneck

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