A disconnected Cement Combo Trailer

Cement Combo Trailer

Designed to fill, circulate, transport, and discharge your blended cement, water, and bulk cement.

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With the Wilco™ WCU-50/310 combination cement batch mixer and bulk transport trailer assembly, you can blend and recirculate through a 50-bbl tank before displacing to a pumper. Our versatile manifold system is set up to perform a variety of different styles of blending. Our compressor pneumatically displaces powdered bulk cement from a 310-ft³ bulk transport storage tank to a blender tank.


  • 6x5x11 centrifugal pump is used for water fill, circulation of slurry through the mixing tank, premixed slurry fill, and discharge of slurry
  • Three rows of paddle-style agitators in the blender vessel are designed to create toroidal flow within the blender.
  • The cement mixing agitator, centrifugal pump, and air compressor are run with hydraulic motors.
  • Cat 6.6 Tier IV engine is used to run the hydraulic pumps for the drive motors.
  • Conical prehydrator may be optionally used for manually loading additives or bulk material into the circulation line just before it enters the blender while mixing “on the fly.”
  • Middle work platform allows front-end loader equipment to deliver pallets of additive and bulk materials to work platform. Safety rail on access side of work platform doubles as full opening gate.
  • Panel-control stand enables remote control of air-actuated valves, engine, hydraulic drives, and APOG compressor. Valves within reach of operator are manually controlled.
  • Support and bracing technique used for tanks and work platform is designed to minimize vibration on the work platform.
  • Straight, non-upset side beams provide support for heavier loads during mixing.
  • Manifolds are latched to the inside of the frame sides and are designed for easy clean-up and maintenance.
  • The “swirl” type mixing head is the confluence of the lines for slurry recirculation, water fill, and dry bulk cement fill.
  • The mixing head is located at the top of the cement blending vessel, allowing powdered cement to be hydrated before entering the blender.
  • The two 3-in. water fill lines go directly into the blender top and into the cement mixing head.
  • The rear platform is designed for carrying four standard shipping pallets. Handrails on both sides double as full opening gates. The platform is useful for transporting sacks of bulk materials, additives, or casing cementing equipment such as float equipment, shoes, centralizers, and more.
  • A 10-gallon prewash system applies no-stick soap to the vessel before the mixing job.
  • Safety gates are located on access points to the work platform, engine work platform, and rear carrying platform.
  • Placards are located on the sides of the rear platform and middle platform and on the front and rear of the trailer
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