A disconnected Cement Combo Trailer

Cement Combo Trailer

Designed to fill, circulate, transport, and discharge your blended cement, water, and bulk cement.

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With the Wilco™ WCU-50/310 combination cement batch mixer and bulk transport trailer assembly, you can blend and recirculate through a 50-bbl tank before displacing to a pumper. Our versatile manifold system is set up to perform a variety of different styles of blending. Our compressor pneumatically displaces powdered bulk cement from a 310-ft³ bulk transport storage tank to a blender tank.


  • 6x5x11 centrifugal pump is used for water fill, circulation of slurry through the mixing tank, premixed slurry fill, and discharge of slurry
  • Three rows of paddle-style agitators in the blender vessel are designed to create toroidal flow within the blender.
  • Panel-control stand enables remote control of air-actuated valves, engine, hydraulic drives, and APOG compressor. Valves within reach of operator are manually controlled.
  • The mixing head is located at the top of the cement blending vessel, allowing powdered cement to be hydrated before entering the blender.
  • Wilco Cement Combo Trailer Specification Sheet
  • Cementing Solutions Brochure
  • Wilco Capabilities and Services Brochure
  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

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