Centricast CL Fiberglass Pipe

The most chemically resistant pipe in the market.


Centrifugally cast CL pipe has a unique construction that offers an easy-to-install vinyl ester piping system with the best support spacing in the industry. With a 100% resin corrosion barrier, Centricast™ piping systems provide the most chemically resistant pipe in the market. These products have 60 years of successful history in the steel pickling, chloro-alkali, pharmaceutical, power generation, and chemical processing industries.

Centricast CL-2030 and 1520 pipe are manufactured with high-strength glass fabrics and a highly resilient formulation of corrosion-resistant vinyl ester resin. The excellent chemical resistance of the piping system provides longer service life than traditional piping materials. The pipe performance conveying chemical mixtures and hot acids is particularly exceptional, resulting in a reduction in maintenance and replacement costs. Centricast CL-2030 pipe typically weighs less than one-fourth of that of comparable Schedule 40 stainless steel. A 20-ft length of 4-in. pipe weighs 58 lb, while the same length of stainless steel weighs 216 lb.


Centricast CL Fiberglass Pipe Specifications

Centricast model



Size range

1½ to 14 in.

1 to 14 in.

Inner corrosion barrier

50-mil liner

100-mil liner

Pressure ratings

150 psig (10 bar); higher pressure ratings in smaller sizes

Temperature range

Up to 200 °F (93 °C)


Centrifugally cast with vinyl-ester resins and high-strength glass fabric


Straight socket or flanged and sealable drains

Chemical service

Chemical process solutions, chlorinated mixtures, acids, and corrosive combinations

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A copper Centricast Fiberglass Piping system lining a ceiling
Displays a Centricast Fiberglass Pipe System on a facility roof
A white and blue Centricast Fiberglass Pipe system
A row of black Centricast Fiberglass Pipes in use