Centricast RB-1520 Fiberglass Pipe

The most chemically resistant pipe in the market.


The excellent chemical resistance of the Centricast™ RB-1520 piping system provides longer service life than traditional piping materials. Pipe performance conveying chemical mixtures and hot caustics is particularly exceptional, resulting in a reduction in maintenance and replacement costs. Centricast RB-1520 is recommended for most caustics, salts, solvents, and many acids and chemical process solutions up to 225 °F and comes in 20-ft nominal or exact lengths.

The unique construction of centrifugally cast RB pipe offers an easy-to-install epoxy piping system with the best support spacing in the industry. With a 100% resin corrosion barrier, Centricast piping systems provide the most chemically resistant pipe in the market. These pipes have 60 years of successful history in the steel pickling, chloro-alkali, pharmaceutical, power generation, and chemical processing industries.


Centricast RB-1520 Fiberglass Pipe Specifications

Size range 1½ to 14 in.
Inner corrosion barrier 50-mil liner
Pressure ratings 150 psig (10 bar); higher pressure ratings in smaller sizes
Temperature range Up to 225 °F (107 °C)
Fittings Socket or flanged and sealable drains
Chemical service Chemical process solutions, hot caustics, solvents, acids, salts, and corrosive combinations
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Features a detail closeup of Centricast Fiberglass piping
Displays a Centricast Fiberglass Pipe System on a facility roof
A copper Centricast Fiberglass Piping system lining a ceiling
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