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Accurately predict and analyze cumulative forces at each stage of a coiled tubing, wireline, slickline, or jointed pipe job with Cerberus.

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Designed to meet today's design and monitoring challenges

Since 1995, Cerberus™ has been the leading intervention modeling software for planning and performing coiled tubing, wireline, and jointed pipe operations. Cerberus models provide advanced calculations for fatigue life, tubing forces, and hydraulics providing operational confidence. Featuring cloud connectivity, the entire organization now has access to the complete picture of operations and assets in real-time, enabling immediate process improvements, reduction of NPT, and unlocking opportunities to gain efficiencies for improving the bottom line. 

Utilize Cerberus for the following:

  • Tubing and wireline forces analysis
  • Fatigue life tracking
  • String design and selection
  • Asset management
  • BHA configuration
  • Local and cloud* real-time forces monitoring
  • Hydraulics modeling

Cloud connectivity

District administration functionality

Cerberus now has the functionality to manage all connected company assets, which streamlines project management, modeling projects, string assets, BHA assets, and fluid libraries. The designated district administrator can push projects, strings, and more to-and-from the unit’s PC to remotely setup real-time jobs and verify post-job field results.

String inventory management

With the string inventory view, all company users now have the ability to analyze their coiled tubing strings aggregated status in real time. This includes maximum fatigue life, average fatigue life, running footage, job counts, and more.

Forces, Fatigue, and Hydraulics


Determine job feasibility and anticipate possible problems with extended reach, tubing and wireline limits with fluid dynamics. Orpheus™ calculates the cumulative forces, considering effects such as drag, buckling, hydraulics effects and mechanically applied forces such as extended-reach tools and tractors.

  • Navigate highly deviated wellbores or other obstacles by modeling bottom hole assemblies (BHAs)
  • Analyze the surface weights acquired during a job, identify apparent friction, and help predict the expected friction factor to be used in future projects with the Orpheus Forces Monitor

Achilles and Hercules

Achilles™ fatigue calculations remain the industry benchmark for coiled tubing life monitoring. Today’s complex applications make it critical to track the fatigue life and diameter growth to avoid an expensive and potentially dangerous failure at the wellsite. 

Hercules™ tubing limits plot is the widely accepted model that uses von Mises combined stress to predict tubing burst and collapse limits. The model takes into account helical buckling, maximum expected pressures, diameter growth, and torque.


The Hydra™ wellbore module allows you the ability to design your fluid procedures for pumping, fluid lifting, and production operations. Options range from snapshot calculations, to dynamic simulations where conditions change with time. The software walks you through the process of choosing fluids, specifying volumes, and adjusting flow rates to design a successful workover or completions program.

*Real-time monitoring through cloud connectivity is available through CTES Live™.


Cerberus PC specifications and requirements

 Operating System  Windows™ 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
 Processor  2.4 GHz
 RAM  8 GB or larger
 Available Storage  1 GB
 Display Resolution  1280 x 1024 px
 HMI  Keyboard and Mouse or Touch Screen
 .NET Framework  
 Cerberus v11.x and Later  4.0

  • Cerberus for Coiled Tubing Flyer (English)
  • Cerberus for Coiled Tubing Flyer (Russian)
  • Cerberus Packer and Completion Analysis Flyer
  • Cerberus for Jointed Pipe Flyer
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