A rendering of a offshore formation with a CerT&D Torque and Drag System.

cerT&D Real-Time Torque and Drag System

Acquire and evaluate accurate torque and drag data in real time to effectively monitor and control wellbore friction.

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Our M/D Totco™ cerT&D™ real-time torque and drag data collection and monitoring system provides real-time information on downhole friction and hole issues during deviated drilling operations. The cerT&D system works in conjunction with your rigsite instrumentation, providing torque and drag data that help you make necessary adjustments to reduce the chance of getting stuck, lower the risk of damaged equipment, and improve wellbore quality.

Torque and drag monitoring plays an integral part in diagnosing problems related to differential sticking, poor hole cleaning, severe doglegs, sloughing shale, excessive tortuosity, and many others. Our system supports all torque and drag models and provides three ways to capture the actual torque and drag data points, which can then be compared in real time to the model.

In addition to standard manual torque and drag data collection, our cerT&D system provides real-time guided and automatic-capture modes that eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce the risk of human error. Our system ensures accurate torque and drag data at the correct intervals, which you can configure to take place at each connection, at specific depth intervals, or when a survey is approved. Leveraging the system’s high-resolution database, you can recalculate torque and drag values at any time for a custom data collection plan that meets your needs.


  • Accurately capture torque and drag data in real time
    • Identify potential downhole problems to help reduce the risk of damage to downhole equipment and the wellbore
  • Design supports any torque and drag model
    • Allows you to choose which torque and drag model works best for you
  • Shared rigsite and remote capabilities enabling collaboration throughout the world
    • Ensure the right people are involved in the decision-making process for quick, accurate execution
  • Plot real-time torque and drag data alongside torque and drag model
    • Enables immediate analysis of downhole conditions to ensure torque and drag readings are within plan
  • Alarm system notifies personnel of deviation from well plan
    • Provides a clear and distinct indication that real-time torque and drag data are off plan
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    • Real-time Torque and Drag Service Provides Automated Casing Monitoring in West Texas Drilling Operation

      M/D Totco Case Study

    • Automated Real-time Torque and Drag Data Collection and Monitoring System Helps Optimize Well Construction

      M/D Totco Case Study

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