Check Valves

Protect your people and equipment with our high-quality nonreturn check valves.


Our high-quality Anson™ check valves are preferred by many service companies due to their dependability in today's harsh environments. Check valves allow flow in only one direction; when the flow stops or reverses direction, the valve shuts, thereby isolating downstream pressure from the upstream source. Our check valves are available in three styles with several types of end connections.

In-line check valve

Anson in-line check valves are available in two designs: a swing (flapper) check valve or a dart-type check valve. These valves offer a compact design and are suitable for pressures up to 20,000 psi.

Swing type

The swing-type check valve uses a flapper-style closing mechanism. A hinged flapper assembly is seated in the valve, and when fluid flows through the inlet it moves the flapper into the open position and passes through to the outlet. When flow stops, the flapper closes against the seat and prevents backflow towards the inlet. Our in-line swing check valves are available in 2-, 3-, and 4-in. nominal diameter.

Dart type

The dart type valve contains a plunger and spring seating mechanism. Fluid flows through the inlet and unseats the plunger, compressing the spring and allowing fluid to pass through. When flow stops, the spring will force the plunger back into the seat, preventing any backflow towards the inlet.

Top-entry check valve

The Anson top-entry check valve is specifically designed for use with portable, temporary flowlines. The valve is manufactured from a low-alloy steel body and is a robust, cost-effective nonreturn valve. The top-entry check valve allows for service in-situ without removing the valve from the flowline. Simply isolate the valve, remove the bonnet, and replace internal components where needed.

A rubber-coated flapper assembly is situated in the valve. When fluid flows through the inlet it moves the flapper into the open position and passes through to the outlet. When flow stops, the flapper closes against the seat face and prevents backflow towards the inlet.


  • Available in sizes 2, 3, and 4 in.
  • 20,000-psi maximum working pressure
  • Available in standard or sour gas service
  • Stocked in several sizes and types of union end configurations
  • Available with API 6A flanged connections (top-entry check valve only)
  • Ideal for high-pressure portable treating iron
  • Rugged but lightweight construction
  • Female to male flow as standard; male to female reverse flow also available
  • Available with lifting eye fitted to the bonnet for ease of handling

Maximum rated pressure

Hammer union end  Standard service
Sour gas service
 FIG 602  6,000 psi  6,000 psi
 FIG 1002 (see note)  10,000 psi  7,500 psi
 FIG 1502  15,000 psi  10,000 psi
 FIG 2202  -  15,000 psi
 FIG 2002  20,000 psi  -

Note – Figure 1002 not available for 2-in. hammer union size due to potential mismatch.

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