Chela Crane on jackup cantilever

Chela Crane

Saving valuable rig time and increasing safety

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Named after a crab’s claw, Chela is a unique piece of equipment. Designed to achieve a high level of safety, Chela offers an extra hand in operations. Due to its crablike motion characteristics, it can reach below the cantilever as well as elevate towards the main deck, providing access to an area traditionally blocked by the drilling cantilever. Chela thus significantly reduces the total well construction time.

Operational features

Chela offers the following characteristics:

  • Facilitating SIMOPS
  • Enhancing efficiency due to easing material handling by having access to the work area 
  • Increased safety by high level of control and minimal handshakes
  • Cost effective, easy mountable/dismountable retrofit possibility


Chela is controlled with a handheld remote, allowing the operator to be in the optimal position to oversee and control the operations at all times. The arm is supplied with an anti-collision procedure to ensure that the load and crane boom do not collide with obstacles such as the riser at well center or topside modules below and aft of the rig.

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