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Chela Series

Enabling Simultaneous Operations: Reducing environmental footprint and improving return on investment

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Chela, an extra hand below the cantilever

Named after a crab’s claw, the Chela crane offers an extra hand in operations. Due to its crablike motion characteristics, it can reach below the cantilever as well as elevate towards the main deck, providing access to an area traditionally blocked by the drilling cantilever. Chela thus significantly reduces the total well construction time. Depending on the well-program, total time saved varies between 5 to 15% of  total rig days per well. This proven technology represents a robust opportunity to improve the return on investment (ROI) for every well drilled. With fewer rig days per well, it directly reduces the industry’s environmental footprint per well drilled while addressing the call for cost reduction from operators.

Saving valuable rig time and increasing safety

Enhancing efficiency, Chela can be fitted with a series of sheaves to guide a wireline to any position within the reach of the crane tip.

Facilitating simultaneous operations (SIMOPS)

Chela’s moveable arm or extendable boom creates a sturdy hoisting point underneath the cantilever, enabling wireline operations separated from the drill floor.

Maximizing safety

Reducing human involvement, when done correctly, is advantageous from both a cost and safety perspective.


Chela can be hydraulic powered, or electric powered requiring little maintenance. It can be installed on a new build rig or retrofitted to an existing rig.

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  • Chela Series Brochure
Chela Crane on jackup cantilever

Chela Single

  • With double knuckle crane boom
  • Fully redundant hoisting system
  • Single sided solution without blind spots
  • SWL range up to 25 tons
  • Working range from 4 to 20 m
  • Electric powered
  • Passive anti-collision system
Chela twins hand shake

Chela Twins

  • With telescopic crane boom
  • Cost-competitive
  • Two independently operated cranes
  • SWL range up to 15 tons
  • Working range from 4 to 12 m
  • Hydraulic powered

Common Features

  • Remote controlled
  • No man-riding
  • No blind spots
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple to operate

Optional Features

  • Wireline sheave guidance system
  • Auxiliary hoist 5 t (constant tension)
  • Fully electrical with cloud-based data logging, processing and monitoring
  • Fully redundant hoisting system
  • Fully redundant actuation and control systems
  • Anti-swing hook
  • Anti-snatch load system (shock load absorbers)
  • Active anti-collision system
  • Man-riding
  • Gripper functionality
  • Can be mounted on a horizontal skid beam for enhanced coverage
Chela gears closeup
Chela Series being mounted on a horizontal skid beam for enhanced coverage
Chela on offshore rig
Sea Installer Challenger at Borssele offshore wind farm

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