Chemical Additive Units

Designed for use in fracturing applications that require extensive use of chemicals and to relieve significant burden from the blender operator


Our Rolligon™ and Enerflow™ chemical additive units feature the ability to carry a wide variety of chemicals to handle complex well treatment requirements.

Truck-mounted chemical additive units

Our truck-mounted chemical additive units are ideal for small locations and rugged terrain and can be built on a wide variety of chassis. The units are typically equipped with up to seven chemical pumps. Customers frequently integrate these valuable units into frac spreads requiring fewer chemicals in tight locations.

Trailer-mounted chemical additive units

Our trailer-mounted chemical additive systems (CAS) have a high carrying and pumping capacity to meet the needs of today's larger fracturing jobs. The task of chemical control is greatly simplified with the use of an automated NOV CAS that allows the service company to pump chemicals accurately and problem free. The system incorporates off-the-shelf robust components designed for a harsh environment to help ensure reliable service throughout a long life, while its clean and simple design delivers high performance and minimal maintenance.


  • CHEMTRAC or ECAMS control system for automated proportioning of unit-mounted chemicals to up to nine different suction rate sources
  • Seven (truck-mounted) or 11 (trailer-mounted) custom-designed chemical circuits
  • Single-tube coriolis, turbine, or positive-displacement flow meters
  • Truck-mounted unit: Custom-designed hydraulic system using power from main truck engine 
  • Pump cleaning and flush system
  • Removable totes for chemical loading
  • Simple controls and quick operator training period
  • Wide variety of pump types such as triplex, progressive cavity, gear, etc.
  • Hydraulically powered tote stirrers
  • DOT certified
  • Cold-weather and desert options available
  • NOV Hydraulic Fracturing Solution Brochure

  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

Chem Transfer Van Passenger Rear View
Chem Transfer Van Tractor
Chem Transfer Van Passenger Quarter View
Trailer mounted chemical additive units
Chemical Van

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