Subsea storage unit for storing chemicals like MEG

Chemical Storage and Injection

Our modular subsea storage systems provide a competitive alternative for offshore oilfield developments requiring temporary or permanent storage at the seabed.

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Subsea storage units (SSUs) have been developed to be used to store chemicals (i.e., monoethylene glycol [MEG]) to provide an economic and effective solution for subsea fields. Using a chemical storage and injection unit to store MEG eliminates the need for an MEG flowline on a cooled-down manifold when the production has been shut down or in remote fields where mile-long flowlines present their own challenges. This adds considerable flexibility to operators, and it is a prime enabler for long tieback solutions in brownfields.


  • Separation of stored medium and seawater
  • Collapsible bag offers opportunity for low-cost installation of relatively large units
  • Enables technology for Arctic, subsea processing, and remote fields unaffected by extreme weather conditions
  • Radical reduction in umbilical complexity, decreasing umbilical capital expenditure (CAPEX), installation time, and cost
  • Removes practical and flow assurance challenges with long supply lines
  • Local storage close to consumer to avoid sizing the umbilical for solitary events (start/stop inhibits)
  • Reduces topside load (space/weight) by moving MEG storage subsea
  • Enhances platform safety; represents a remote subsea storage system that will not cause a potential platform fire and explosion

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