CHEMTRAC liquid additive system controls trailer

CHEMTRAC Liquid Additive System Controls

Allows auto-proportion chemical injection into your fracturing fluid

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Our CHEMTRAC™ liquid additive system controls allow auto-proportion chemical injection into your fracturing fluid. This system ensures a proper chemical-to-fluid ratio on the fly when the selected base fluid has a rate change, allowing an immediate adjustment.


  • Receives suction rates from two blenders and hydration controls
  • Controls up to 10 chemical pumps and one transfer pump
  • Monitors tank levels
  • Predefined job stage control
  • Field-proven PID system for feedback control
  • Multiple parallel data transmission protocols: CAN, ethernet, and serial
  • Standalone manual bypass
  • Wireless option available
  • Integrated data acquisition system that feeds data to the primary DASTRAC system
  • Lifetime maintenance and software license
  • GoConnect™ compatible

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