Choke Automation

We provide automation solutions to suit any application or customer requirement on many of our standard choke models such as our CVC and MPC series.


Our manual chokes are designed with future automation in mind. These models can be converted to automated operations in a simple, efficient, and economical manner. Chokes can be fitted with multiple types of actuators based on customer preference.  

In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the choke bonnet and stem to accommodate some manufacturers’ actuator models. We provide a fully engineered and preassembled bonnet assembly as a complete automation upgrade kit, keeping your downtime for the conversion to an absolute minimum.

Position control and measurement

Reliable process control depends on accurate and repeatable positioning of the choke throughout its range of operation. Various control and position feedback options are available with electrical components certified for use in hazardous areas. FM/UL Class I, Div 1, CSA, ATEX EExd, and EExia chokes are available. We can also provide an interface to major international standards communication and control protocols such as Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, Device Net, Modbus, and HART.


  • Pneumatic supply at 80 to 120 psi maximum
  • Hydraulic supply at 1,500 to 3,000 psi maximum
  • Visual position indicator
  • Manual override via hex shaft
  • Fail-safe last position
  • Watertight housing with corrosion-resistant coating
  • Wiring junction box
  • Field tested
  • Production Chokes Brochure

Image of an NOV employee inspecting a choke.
Image of an NOV employee working on a choke in the field.

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