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External Sleeve

Choke Valves

NOV's Choke Valves provide the best erosion resistance in the industry. NOV continues to improve and refine our chokes due to current day stimulated well designs, which produce high levels of sand. These chokes provided the lowest cost of ownership and result in increased production uptime, from drill out to artificial lift production.

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Protect your downstream equipment with production chokes that rise to the challenge.

Choke valves are used to control flow rate and reduce pressure for processing of produced fluids farther downstream. Effective chokes reduce the likelihood of damage to downstream equipment, support longer lasting production timespans, and alleviate stress from field operators by keeping them away from the wellhead.

Our chokes are also economical and provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. As a global manufacturer and supplier of chokes for the oil and gas production market, we can provide a fit-for-purpose solution for any application.

Selecting the proper trim for your application and environment is crucial and can help avoid expensive damage such as erosion and corrosion. We offer the following geometries:

External sleeve

Our external sleeve trim enables an effective impingement process that efficiently dissipates energy and reduces velocity using the latest in fluid-management dynamics.

The use of micron-grade carbide and proven binding agents provides durability, controllability, and repeatability to best support your well management program even when faced with “sand producers.”

Plug and cage

Our plug and cage trim is frequently used when high flow and controllability are needed for injection or conventional oil and gas production. Features include submicron grade carbide, metal bonnet seal, threadless body, fully guided cage trim, and high Cv capacity.

Multi-stage stacked disc

Our stacked disc is designed with a semi-circular porting pattern that offers longer wear life. These chokes are primarily used for two types of service:

  • Very high pressure drops with the risk of cavitation
  • High pressure gas service for noise abatement

Intermitter trim

Intermitter trim synchronizes with artificial lift which gives operators the ability to use choke body in service and convert it to handle gas lift applications without in-line removal of choke body or replacing with another value type.

Dual stage low flow

Our dual stage low flow trim is used with methanol and ethylene glycol (MEG) injection or service applications. This trim functions well in specialized service with very high temperatures.

Needle and seat

Our needle and seat trim provides a robust solution for severe conditions during drill outs, flowback, sand dumping, and early production where plug parts and debris may be present. With the use of NOV's micron-grade carbide and proven binding agents this trim provides durability, controllability, and repeatability to best support your well management program even when faced with the most challenging applications.

Bean and caged bean

Our most economical offering for only positive style chokes, bean and caged bean trim is used for static pressure control with the bean often used to create back pressure and the caged bean performing well during high pressure drops.

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  • CVC Surface Production Chokes Data Sheet
  • High Temperature Choke Valves Data Sheet
Cutaway render of a choke with sand in the background

Mitigate the destructive effects of sand at your work site.

Designed with durability and performance for the most difficult applications imaginable, our production chokes rise to the challenge by offering superior controllability and increased operator uptime.

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Geothermal Choke

High Temperature Chokes

Protect your downstream equipment, worksite safety, and reservoir with choke valves that offer superior flow and pressure control. Our choke valves can withstand temperatures up to 650° F (343° C), and we also provide engineering services to support your specified design requirements. With a range of trim designs including external sleeve, plug and cage, and multi-stage available, we offer durability and performance for the toughest, hottest applications imaginable.

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Image of an NOV employee working on a choke in the field.

Choke Automation

We provide automation solutions to suit any application or customer requirement on many of our standard choke models such as our CVC and MPC series.

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External Sleeve
External sleeve
Closeup of CVC Series Choke Trim
Adjustable choke with external sleeve trim
MPC-20 in-line choke
Plug and cage
PLF Choke
Dual stage low flow
Close up image of positive choke manifold
Needle and seat

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