CJ50 Jack-up

High Drilling, Efficiency, and Large Environmental Loading


The CJ50 is a three-legged cantilever type jack-up drilling rig that is part of the well-established GustoMSC CJ series. The series consists of seven distinct types for moderate and harsh environment designs. The CJ50 is the most capable, efficient, and robust drilling jack-up in water depths up to 400ft for worldwide operations. When the unit is used in the harsh conditions of the North Sea it is capable of surviving in water depths up to 91.4 meters (300ft). The innovative X-Y skidding system provides a large drilling envelope of 80x50ft.

The CJ series further consists of the CJ43, CJ46, CJ54, CJ62, CJ70 and CJ80.


Best in class solution:

  • Overall structural capability
  • Large variable load in all conditions
  • High drilling efficiency
  • Large drilling envelop due to X-Y cantilever skidding system
  • Sturdy leg bracing system
  • Large free deck area

The CJ series can be fully customized to owner’s specific requirements


Main Characteristics

Water Depth 121 m
Deck size 70 x 68 m
Variable load oper. 7,000 mt
Cant. comb. load. 1,500 mt
 Cantilever 24.4 x 15.2 m
Derrick 2,000 kips
Mud capacity 5,000 bbls 

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