Coiled Tubing Casing Scraper

Remove substances from interior casing walls and enhance downhole operations with our coiled tubing casing scraper.


Our coiled tubing (CT) casing scraper removes cement scale, mud, mill scale, rust, paraffin, perforation burrs, and other substances from the inside walls of casing. This operation produces a smooth inside casing diameter that assists in successful downhole operations, such as setting packers, bridge plugs, and similar equipment.

The CT casing scraper is a versatile and durable tool manufactured from a solid piece of heat-treated alloy steel. The scraper blades fit into precision-machined pockets and are securely held by a tenon retainer and lock block. The scraper blades feature left-hand helical grooves and are heat-treated for maximum service. The blades are arranged to produce complete 360° coverage within the casing.

The CT casing scraper is simple to operate. The tools generally run with the pin up and the box down, installed in the drilling string between the bit and the bit sub. The CT casing scraper may be either reciprocated or rotated in the hole, but for best results it is recommended that the scraper first be run through the section to be scraped without rotation and then rotated as it is withdrawn. If rotation is not possible, the scraper should be run vertically twice. For optimal results, the tool should be rotated from 30 to 45° before making the second run.

Our CT casing scraper is available to condition pipe ranging from 4½-in. tubing to 13⅜-in. casing.


  • Maximized blade contact
  • Large fluid/debris flow path
  • Short, compact, and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Guide taper on blades for passing through joints without hanging
  • Robust construction
  • May be run on coiled tubing or drill pipe
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