Coiled Tubing Chemical Injection Sub

Allow for the control of flow through a sand screen and the staged startup of production wells without the need for intervention


Our Texas Oil Tools™ chemical injection subs inject inhibitor fluids on to the coiled tubing while running in to or out of the well. The sub is a short lubricator with customer-specified connections on the top and bottom. The internal injection sleeve allows for complete and even 360° coverage of the tubing. The injection sub comes with two port connections with check valves to prevent wellbore pressure from escaping into the injection line.

Our chemical injection subs are available from 2.5- to 4.06-in. through bore and with API flanged or quick hand union connections. All injection subs are suitable for H2S environments.

Chemical injection system

Our chemical injection systems enhance the efficiency of your production equipment and lines, both downhole and at the surface, and ensure that delivery of each treatment selection is reliable and at the right dosage and injection rate into your application.


  • Protect production infrastructure from plugging and corrosion
  • Mitigate against agglomeration, precipitation, and buildup of asphaltenes, waxes, and scale in surface processing systems
  • Prevent deterioration of equipment due to wall loss and increased solids in your produced water

Chemical Injection Sub Specifications

in. (mm)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
Approximate weight
lb (kg)
Through bore size
in. (mm)
Max. working pressure
psi (MPa)
4.06 (103.1) 16.50 (419.1) 12.50 (317.5) 450 (204) 3.50 (88.9) 10,000 (68.9) BX-155
  • Chemical Injection Sub Flyer

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