Coiled Tubing Lifting Frame

Designed, manufactured, and tested to meet the requirements of API 8C 5th edition and DNV2.7-3R30 standard


Our coiled tubing lifting frame is ideal for offshore lifting applications. It is designed, manufactured, and tested to meet the requirements of API 8C 5th edition and DNV2.7-3R30 standard. The unit includes a lifting nubbin, top module, beam legs, and bottom module. It can be lifted in several ways depending on the configuration of the rig floor and vee-door opening.

There are variable designs with safe working loads of 150, 250, 350, and 500 mT configured with the option of a Zone 2 diesel-driven hydraulic power pack and remote-control stand and hose basket.


Coiled Tubing Lifting Frame Specifications

  500 mT 350 mT
Dimensions (approximate with lifting nubbin fitted) 14 980 × 2580 × 1270 mm 14 900 × 2550 × 1600 mm
Transportation dimensions (without lifting nubbin fitted) 14 080 × 2580 × 1270 mm 14 097 × 2550 × 1600 mm
Top structure – top lifting nubbin 6⅝ ft 18° 5½ ft 18°

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