Coiled Tubing Mast Units

Designed for quick, safe rig up and efficient operations


Coiled tubing mast units are the perfect solution when a crane is not required to suspend the injector over the wellhead. Reduced footprint on the wellsite and less downtime due to high winds, Hydra Rig™ mast CTUs provide a safer operation for personnel, as they no longer have to work under suspended loads.

We offer several coiled tubing mast units, including remote location mast CTUs, large mast CTUs, desert mast CTUs, and bodyload mast CTUs.

Remote Location Coiled Tubing Mast Unit

Whether in the remoteness of the arctic tundra or the deserts of the Middle East, our coiled tubing mast units have an extended injector height for longer BHAs and the extended reach of a trolley to access wells in large wellhead cellars or structures. These units are adaptable for various operations where strict road regulations are not a concern.

Large Coiled Tubing Mast Unit

Our large coiled tubing mast unit designs are highly efficient units that can rig up and down quickly. These highly capable units can operate with an HR-6100 injector and a substantial tubing payload. We can work with the local road regulations to optimize the weight and balance of the units to maximize the utilization of your CTUs.

Desert Coiled Tubing Mast Unit

Designed as a balance of efficiency and capability, this smaller coiled tubing mast unit is our most popular product offering. Operating with an HR-680 injector, this CTU is quick to rig up, compact, and has several features to help speed up wellsite operations.

Bodyload Coiled Tubing Mast Units

Our integrated design presents a self-contained coiled tubing unit for quick and safe rig up with minimal personnel for the small-OD intervention market. This compact unit is engineered to hold our HR-635 injector and pressure control equipment between the mast legs.


  • No on-site crane required
  • No crane-suspended loads
  • Fast rig up
  • Improved safety compared to crane-assisted operations
  • Fine injector positioning adjustment—front to back, side to side, and tilt


  • Auxiliary work winch
  • Tractor-powered wet kit or skidded powerpack
  • Multiple well control equipment (WCE) transport options
  • API 16ST RP compliant
  • Electric/hydraulic or hydraulic controls
  • Various trailer configurations compliant with local road regulations

Large Coiled Tubing Mast Unit Specifications

Max. height

64 ft to bottom of injector base at 15 ft reach from bumper

Shift travels

±6 in. side-side on 11-ft wide trailer and up to 36 in. vertical

Lifting capacity (including injector)

40,000 lb (assuming 15,000-lb injector, allows for 25,000-lb BOP)

Wellhead height restriction

Up to 18 ft with large BOP (5.13 15M, 30-ft lubricators)

Weight (approx.)

25,000 lb with landing gear

Hydraulic requirements

3,000 psi supply and 400-gal reservoir

Bodyload Coiled Tubing Mast Unit

Max. injector height

225 in. to bottom of injector base at 76 in. reach from bumper

Shift travels

±8 in. side-side on 8.5-ft wide trailer and up to 4 in. vertical

Lifting capacity (including injector)

20,000 lb (assuming 8,000 lb injector, allows for 12,000 lb PCE)

Weight (approx.)

73,800 lb with 7,300 lb of tubing

Hydraulic requirements

3,000 psi supply and larger hydraulic reservoir

Mast max. reach at 20Klift

48 in. behind truck and 225 in. at injector bottom

Mast max. reach at 15Klift

76 in. behind truck and 208 in. at injector bottom





  • Hydra Rig Bodyload Mast Coiled Tubing Unit Flyer

A Mast Coiled Tubing Unit in winter
Arctic Mast DS1
A Coiled Tubing Mast Unit upraised in a field

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