Coiled Tubing Quick Test Sub

Reduce the time spent pressure testing broken stack up connections after tool changes


The Texas Oil Tools™ quick test sub (QTS) reduces the time spent pressure testing broken stack up connections after tool changes. The QTS makes the bottom connection in the well control stack with either API 6A flanges or quick unions. The unique quick test joint center allows it to be tested in isolation from the rest of the stack by connecting a small hydraulic hand pump to the QTS port and testing the joint O-ring seal from the outside. With the small annular volume involved, this requires only a few strokes of the pump. After the initial pressure test to check the integrity of the string, subsequent pressure tests can be made using the QTS to verify the integrity of the O-rings at the quick test joint rather than having to test the whole assembly. An added bonus to this feature is the ability to pressure test while there are pressure-sensitive items in the stack up, such as TCP components.


  • Quick pressure testing of rig up even with pressure-sensitive components in the stack up
  • Reduces time and cost spent pressure testing stack up
  • Reduces rig up height and time
  • Dual O-ring test port
  • Increases operational efficiency

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