Coiled Tubing and Well Service Support Pumps

Our Rolligon, Enerflow, and Wilco lines of coiled tubing and well support pumps were developed to accommodate the demands for today's operations.


Our Enerflow™, Rolligon™, and Wilco™ lines of coiled tubing and well service support pumps can be designed in either a single or twin configuration and supplied as a skid-, truck-, or trailer-mounted unit. They feature up to two centrifugal pumps and redundant piping, so you can use either pump to boost or fill. Our twin configurations are comprised of redundant systems, so you will always have a backup that can finish the job. Short fluid pumps are used to ensure road legal equipment. Control options are available in traditional analog systems or state-of-the-art digital systems with data acquisition and remote operation capabilities.

We offer custom engineering on every unit to meet your specific needs. Our designs focus on maintenance-friendly assemblies to encourage regular maintenance intervals on all components. We know the demands put on today's operators and have designed our systems to eliminate the burden of tedious, time-consuming tasks.


  • Coiled tubing support
  • Acidizing
  • Cementing
  • Pipeline testing
  • Industrial waterblasting
  • Miscellaneous pumping 

Truck-Mounted Support Pump

For high mobility jobs and sites, an agile truck-mounted support pump is optimal. These pumps can offer a lower-cost alternative by combining the prime mover and the pumping equipment into a single unit. In addition, their shorter wheelbase and lower weight make them ideal for older locations built on backroads with small areas.


  • Single or twin configurations available
  • Power sourced from truck chassis engine or deck-mounted engines
  • Deck-mounted controls or cab-mounted controls
  • Remote-control options available
  • Multiple pumps, data acquisition, and chemical injection systems options available
  • Auxiliary transmission for low-rate applications

Skid-Mounted Support Pump

Our skid-mounted support units are high-pressure pumping systems are built to withstand harsh environments and are designed for onshore or offshore pumping operations. These units allow for flexible transport options, whether contracted or arranged by internal logistics.


  • Self-contained hydraulics on the unit power centrifugal pumps and tank agitators. Twin units feature a completely redundant hydraulic pump system.
  • Fully actuated high-pressure and low-pressure plumbing available
  • Open-frame, standard offshore frame, or fully certified DNV 2.7-1 options available
  • CE and hazardous area certification markings available
  • Twin 11- or 15-bbl displacement tanks options available

Trailer-Mounted Support Pump

Our trailer-mounted support units are designed for extended duty, easy maintenance, and simple operation required in today's land-based operations. 


  • Single or twin configurations
  • Multiple material options for fluid systems (stainless steel, coatings)
  • High horsepower options available for large-tubing applications
  • Large climate-controlled control cabins with redundant systems for operator comfort
  • Multiple pumps, data acquisition, and chemical injection systems options available
  • Redundant configurations for piping and hydraulics
  • Local and remote-control options available
  • Auxiliary transmission for low-rate applications
  • Cooling systems designed to exceed ratings for long life
  • 2,400-hp Twin Fluid Pumping Unit Flyer

  • Well Service Pump Skid Specification Sheet

  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

The back of a Coiled Tubing Twin Support Pumper
Trailer-mounted support pump
Truck-mounted support pump
Skid-mounted support pump

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