Cold Flow Manager

Cold-Flow Manager (CFM)

Control your coiled tubing wellhead safety equipment faster during your cold-temperature operations.

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Our new, patent-pending cold-flow manager (CFM) not only accelerates wellhead safety equipment operation but also requires minimal components and has a plug-and-play capability with existing equipment.

A common safety challenge in cold-temperature working conditions is maintaining hydraulic flow during operations. Our design is more affordable and dependable than other methods, and its unique simplicity makes it particularly practical. It supplies hydraulic flow from all the control hoses on the well control power system and delivers it all to the one set of blowout preventer (BOP) rams selected. The high fluid viscosity due to low outside temperatures is overcome by the CFM’s focused flow.

We understand your need for quick BOP ram actuation. Adding only the CFM to the well control system, we have been able to increase flow 3 to 4 times compared to a standard BOP supply system. Further, adding relatively small accumulators to the supply and return sides of the CFM allows a selectable flow increase of up to 9 times, enabling BOP operation in cold temperatures with a timely response.


  • Reduced wellhead safety ram actuation time with standard fluids
  • Retrofits to existing power systems, regardless of manufacturer, size, ram quantity, and configuration
  • Configured to improve performance for up to 8 rams and optimized for ram types
  • Compact and light weight design – 100-lb manifold measuring 24 × 8 × 5 in.
  • No external power source or changes to power system required
  • Low-leakage valves throughout
  • Manufactured with proven and reliable components

Cold-Flow Manager Specifications

Temperature Typical CTU without CFM 8-Ram CFM 8-Ram CFM + 1 Accumulator 8-Ram CFM + 2 Accumulators
73° F 18 seconds 6 seconds 5 seconds 4 seconds
65° F 20 seconds 6 seconds 5 seconds 4 seconds
48° F 29 seconds 10 seconds 7 seconds 5 seconds
31° F 74 seconds 20 seconds 14 seconds 9 seconds
25° F 132 seconds 30 seconds 19 seconds 14 seconds
11° F 241 seconds 55 seconds 42 seconds 25 seconds

*Test results with simulated CTU, AW 46 hydraulic fluid and Texas Oil Tools™ 4.06 ES shear ram. Actual performance will vary based on installation and fluid used.

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