Trailer mounted Combo Frac/Blender

Combo Frac/Blender

Rolligon combination fracturing blender units (a.k.a. "kitty fracs" or "combo fracs/blenders") have long been used to service low-production fields in which stimulation jobs are small and require an economical solution.

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We manufacture units to feature the pumping horsepower of a small fracturing unit combined with the capabilities of a small blender on one chassis.

The units can also be designed to provide frac slurry to additional pumpers to meet larger job requirements.


• Fracturing horsepower from 800 to 1,350 bhp
• Blender rates up to 40 bpm freshwater and horsepower up to 400 bhp
• Triplex and quintuplex units
• Digital control system for system versatility and increased safety functions
• Incorporates many standard features of full-scale blenders and frac units

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