Compact Wireline Valve

Minimize your costs with a reliable and robust valve that is configurable for any wireline intervention operation


Safety, reliability, and serviceability are the critical design principals we use to keep your team safe on the wellsite and keep your costs of ownership low.

Our wireline valve provides positive barrier protection during well service operations, providing sealing and/or shearing functions when running slickline, braided wireline, or electric line.

The Elmar™ original compact wireline valve has been in service for more than 25 years. It enables you to minimize your costs by using a reliable and robust valve that is designed to be easily serviced. Our track record and operational experience are backed up by independent third-party approval for every wireline valve we make, meaning you can depend on your wireline valve when you need it most.

Reliability is designed into every compact wireline valve through a detailed engineering design focused on operational simplicity, a minimum number of components, and using standard elastomers to ensure it is easily available around the world. The mono-block forged construction of the main body improves pressure integrity and further reduces servicing cost, with fewer well pressure-retaining seals and potential leak points.

It is available as standard in single, dual, triple, or quad ram configurations, and in a full range of sizes and working pressures from 2½- to 9-in. bore sizes, and 5,000- to 20,000-psi working pressures. Materials can be specified to suit your well conditions and connections to suit your wellhead. Custom sizes are available on request to suit your operations.

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Render of Elmar Dual Compact Wireline Valve Whole
Close up view of Elmar Compact Wireline Valve
Close up view of Elmar Dual Compact Wireline Valve

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