Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frame

Supporting ultra-deepwater string weights and enhancing operational performance through innovative motion compensation


The NOV Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frame (CCTLF) supports completion and post-completion deployment for coiled tubing and wire-line operations offshore. Featuring a dual valve system enabling both primary and backup compensator mode, the CCTLF provides a unique level of functionality, performance, and safety.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces downtime during operation
  • Fully automated tension adjustments eliminate tide related downtime
  • Double hydraulic safety valves with recoil capability
  • Continued compensation through compensator hose disconnection
  • Fast installation through radio remote operation
  • Engagement of guiding system into guide rails with internal locking
  • Internal handling via main winch and utility winch
  • Fully adjustable injector table

Technical specifications

Compensated SWL

350 mT - 500 mT

Static SWL

750 mT - 1000 mT

Max system speed

1.3 m/s

Heave (primary compensator)

+/- 2743 mm (+ 305 mm safety stroke)

+/- 9 ft (+ 1 ft safety stroke)

Heave (backup compensator)

+/- 1372 mm (+ 305 mm safety stroke)

+/- 4.5 ft (+ 1 ft safety stroke)

Area classification

IECEx Zone 1

Design code / standard

DNVGL-OS-E101 acc. to API 8C, DNVGL-ST-E273


Highly saline and corrosive

Design temperature

-20°C to +45°C

Maximum operating pressure /

design pressure

207 / 230 bar

Weight (dry)

75000 kg (excl. Lifting Adapter and loops)


From rig floor: Manrider, WAB or access ladder

Injector head: Manrider, WAB, access ladder or platform (optional)


Fiber grating, ATEX Zone 1 compliant.

Winch, IHW / Winch, UHW

20 metric ton, 40 m wire/5 metric ton, 40 m wire

Safety devices

Compensator Safety Valve (shut off and hot backup for winch)

Throttle Valve (recoil protection)

Pressure Relief Valves (HP & LP side)

Gas Shut Off Valves (Compensator Hose safety)

DROPS compliant

Lifting sub

6-5/8 in. BN with 18 degree taper

Bail lugs top

Interface acc to. 1000 shT bails

Bail lugs bottom

Interface acc. to 1000 shT bails

Guide rail size

HEB 320

Guide rail spacing

108 in. | can be designed or adjusted for other rail sizes or offsets

Guide rail setback

101 in. | can be designed or adjusted for other rail sizes or offsets


  • CCTLF Technical Marketing Sheet

Image of yellow compensated coiled tubing lift frame on rig

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