Complete Cementing Solutions

Your one source for complete cementing solutions from the bulk plant to the field.


Combining years of expertise with trusted brand names, our equipment is designed with your needs in mind.

As a strategic partner, we work with you to provide a solution with service and support that you can depend on throughout the project. We focus on being your global resource for consistent products that you can count on for your local success.

From bulk plants and transport trailers to silo setters and cementers, you can count on us to provide top-quality equipment for your complete fleet.

Wilco Bulk Cement Plant

We are the go-to supplier for cement bulk plants, storage silos, and tanks and have extensive engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and training experience. Our newest designs offer scale-to-blend transfer speeds up to 8,000 lb/min, enhancing the ability to rapidly deploy to a jobsite. Our easy to replace high-wear components, new cartridge dust collector designs, and exterior serviceable air jets on tanks and silos dramatically reduce maintenance time and eliminate confined-space entry.

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Wilco Bulk Cement Transport Trailer

Our bulk transport trailers are engineered for rugged operations and built for an expected service life of three decades. These trailers are designed for transporting and unloading bulk cement and other powdered bulk materials, including fracturing sand.

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Wilco Bulk Cement Storage Trailer

Our trailer-mounted stationary bulk storage bins allow you to have readily available and accessible blended cement onsite. Four ASME-code pneumatic storage silos mounted on an open-frame trailer can store up to 1,660 ft3 of bulk materials. Bulk cement is conveniently and quickly unloaded using a trailer-mounted air compressor powered by an on-board diesel engine.

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Wilco Cement Batch Mixer

Our batch mixing technology provides the fastest and most efficient methodology to blend cement slurries. Specially designed manifolding quickly moves water and/or pre-mixed cement and dry bulk cement to the batch mixer, blends and recirculates through two tanks, and displaces the slurry out to cement pumpers. We also offer a variety of designs and sizes of units based on specific customer requirements.

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Wilco Cementers

Each of our oilfield-tough cement pumping units are custom designed and manufactured with quality, reliability, and low maintenance in mind. Our twin cement pumper builds on a 40-year history of field-proven technology. A patented high-energy recirculating cement mix head, in conjunction with automated mixing systems, delivers blended cement slurry at accurate densities up to 22 lb/gal (2,640 kg/m3).

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Hydra Rig Nitrogen Unit

We set the industry standard with our high-pressure nitrogen equipment for oilwell, pipeline, and refinery service applications. All of our components comply with ASME, ISO, and DNV standards. Our complete line of nitrogen pumping products includes truck- and trailer-mounted units, pump power ends, liquid nitrogen boost pumps and cold ends, and direct-fired and non-fired vaporizers.

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Anson Flowline Equipment

We offer a complete line of flowline equipment designed for today’s wellsite needs. Our products include hammer unions, pup joints, swivel joints, plug valves, check valves, integral fittings, and much more. All Anson™ assemblies come standard with full material test reports and components with certificates of traceability and unique serial numbers making customer tracking more efficient. We also offer our flowline restraint system, a safety device designed to reduce the separation between lengths of temporary pipework in the event of a pressurized pipeline rupture.

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MISSION Pumps and Expendables

From centrifugal and well service pumps to expendables, MISSION™ products are the industry leaders in the design and support of your pumping needs. Our WS-600-SH well service pump is specifically designed for your cementing applications, and we offer a wide variety of configurations to meet your operations’ parameters. We also offer a wide range of MISSION boost pumps to ensure your cement slurries are properly fed to the plunger pump. For more than 50 years, our long-lasting centrifugal pumps have proven to be the most durable and reliable pumps in the field.

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