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Completion and Workover Risers

Cost-effective solutions for in-riser and open-water operations

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Offshore well intervention operators have recognized the advantages of utilizing a completion and workover riser (CWOR) for intervention work, in comparison to the more conventional use of traditional risers. The CWOR provides a rugged structure, pressure integrity, large internal drift diameter, and corrosion resistance.

Grant Prideco™ incorporates high-performance, gas-tight connections into a custom design to meet customer-specific intervention requirements. Maximizing tool joint inside diameters and shifting tube upsets to the exterior creates an oversized inside diameter throughout the connection and tube to optimize unobstructed tool passage through the string.

Intervention strings are available with our proprietary high-strength sour service grades for use in H2S environments and include a NACE-qualified weld.

Grant Prideco CWOR connections are robust and designed for multiple makeup and breakout cycles without experiencing galling or other damage. They can be run using drill pipe running and handling equipment and don’t require a specialized tubular running crew. By design, the connection’s fast makeup does not limit the riser deployment speed.

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