Constrictor Multi-Line Ram Seal

Certified long-lasting sealing performance


Prevent catastrophic release of well pressure and ensure personnel and environmental safety

Keep your team safe and your costs low with our Constrictor™ multi-line ram seal, designed for performance you can trust. The Constrictor multi-line ram seal is certified, available in multiple sizes, and long-lasting even with repeated activation.

Our patented Constrictor is the well intervention industry’s first multi-line seal to be 3rd party witness tested under extreme pressure, temperature, and time conditions and obtain an independent review certificate. Seals are certified by gas testing for 12 continuous hours, sealing blind and at temperatures ranging from -50° F to 356° F (-46° C to 180° C) to simulate a diversity of working environments best.

The Constrictor is a wireline valve (formerly known as wireline BOP) multi-line ram seal that controls well fluids through the wellbore during intervention operations involving braided or electric lines. It has evolved from earlier commercially proven ram seals, improved to be even more reliable, require less maintenance, and operate under more challenging pressure and temperature conditions for longer durations.

Benefits verified by an independent third party include:

  • In the event of unexpected cut and drop, it can seal blind, contain wellbore fluids for at least 12 hours, and seal successfully on any wireline up to 5/16 to 15/32 depending on the version installed, giving maximum versatility and on-site safety
  • Fits existing Elmar™ Q-Guide™ rams and can be retrofitted to an existing wireline valve while in operation and repeatedly used without degradation, reducing costs and making it suitable for fishing operations
  • Standard seal has a wide operating temperature range while maintaining stated performance to allow maximum use with minimum cost
  • Working pressures up to 15,000 psi

Operating temperatures in addition to the standard range:

  • Arctic: -46 °C to 30 °C
  • Elevated: 20 °C to 180 °C
  • Elmar Product Catalog

Dual Compact WLV with Constrictor Ram Seals
Constrictor and Ram and Wireline BOP

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