Containment Well Cellar Installation

Cellar Tech offers efficient containment well cellar installation.


Installation of your Cellar Tech containment well cellar is a straightforward exercise requiring basic excavating equipment.

A small crew can install multiple cellars in a single day, and our containment well cellars can be installed simultaneously while conductors are set on the same pad. We currently offer installation services for our containment well cellars as well as conductors in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays.

Upon completion, the well cellar will:

  • Lower costs over the lifetime of the well
  • Improve environmental stewardship
  • Increase worker safety in and around the well cellar

Installation process:

  • Install the conductor in the normal fashion. Excavate around the conductor 3 to 6 in. deeper than the cellar.
  • Lower the cellar over the conductor and bed into the sand or gravel.
  • Check the well cellar’s final orientation and elevation, and weld the extension ring to the conductor.
  • Back-fill around the cellar with suitable material, and install a cover plate or grating.
On-site Containment Well Cellar Installation