Corlift Hydraulic Pumping Unit

Our Corlift is a cost-competitive, industry-proven hydraulic rod pumping system that is ideal for many oil and gas applications.


The Corlift™ system consists of a mast with a single hydraulic ram mounted directly to the wellhead and powered by a 5.7-L power skid. The power skid is field proven, EPA certified, and delivers the quality you expect from us. Lower setup costs and minimal ground disturbance make these low-profile units optimal for pumping in areas where conventional pump jacks are not economical. With lifting capabilities up to 30,000 lb and variable stroke length up to 144 in., the Corlift system is ideal for producing wells with varied conditions.


  • Low setup costs
  • Minimal install time (requires 3 hours with 1-ton picker truck)
  • Easily moved, requiring minimal manpower
  • Power skid available in gas, diesel, or electric (EPA-certified skids are optional)
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility
  • Low profile and small footprint mean minimal environmental impact
  • Guide wires not required
  • Quick and easy adjustments to strokes per minutes (SPM) and stroke length
  • Variable stroke speed enables optimal pump filling
  • Can be used with rod and tubing rotators

Corlift Specifications

Specifications Model 10-60 Model 20-120 Model 30-144
Lift (peak polish rod load) 10,000 lb 20,000 lb 30,000 lb
Lift (max. continuous rod load) 10,000 lb 18,000 lb 28,000 lb
Stroke length 0 to 60 in. 0 to 120 in. 0 to 144 in.
Strokes per minute (SPM) ½ to 8 SPM ½ to 5 SPM ½ to 5 SPM
Max. well depth ≈4,000 ft (1,250 m) ≈8,000 ft (2,500 m) ≈10,000 ft (3,000 m)
Unit height 137 in. 150 in. 168 in.
Unit weight 700 lb 1,000 lb 1,600 lb
Power skid dimensions (L × W × H) 105 × 43 × 51 in. 105 × 43 × 51 in. 105 × 43 × 51 in.
Power skid weight 2,500 lb 2,500 lb 2,500 lb
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Multiple Corlift pad installations in Utah
Corlift installation in Mexico