Corrosion Control

Reduce the likelihood of corrosion damage to your drill string.


Best practices to mitigate corrosion in drilling and completion operations

Mitigation in drilling operations

While tripping:

  • Use a wiper rubber while tripping out of hole.
  • Keep the racking area clean (free of well fluid and solids).
  • Apply thread compound to connections.

When laying pipe down:

  • Clean the inside and outside of pipe.
  • Clean thread protectors before putting them back on connections.
  • Clean and dope connections before putting thread protectors back on.

Corrosion rings can be used with API connections seating in the box tapered section. Double-shouldered connections leave no space for corrosion rings to seat on. A special tool (double sub) needs to be built to hold the ring.

Mitigation in completion operations

While tripping the completion string:

  • Use a wiper rubber while tripping out of hole.
  • Wash the pipe on every trip out.
  • Clean, dry, and dope pins and boxes before racking.
  • Use a rubber racking mat to prevent accumulation of completion fluid around pins.

A sufficient amount of dope should be applied when running completion. Completion fluids are generally more corrosive than drilling fluids.

Drill Pipe Running and Handling

Proper running and handling is essential. We help you save time and reduce costs.

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