Live data transfer and customer web portal access now available for OrionNET job data.

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Since 2008, our field-proven OrionNET™ system has allowed customers to view secure, real-time data from any Windows-based computer, monitor multiple jobs from a single location, and obtain remote diagnostics and support. We are now bringing these capabilities to the cloud and into your office. 

With our new OrionNET enhancement, CTES Live™, you and your customers can now view all available jobs from your web browser—on location or in your office. This feature is replacing the “Internet capabilities” feature in previous versions of OrionNET. 

Through CTES Live, all OrionNET data are transferred to the cloud via an Internet connection on location, and all data are securely stored on the NOV cloud servers. From here, you can customize dashboards to view the data most important to you. Both live and historical jobs may be viewed at any time. 

For field locations without an active Internet connection, CTES Live data can be transmitted via standard LTE protocol on an available cell phone connection. The system uses an advanced data compression scheme to minimize the amount of data transmitted—and to reduce monthly cell phone data charges. For example, a coiled tubing unit transmitting a typical set of job channels (10 or less) has typically used less than 3 GB of data transmission during an entire month of operation. 

The option to deliver this data to a third-party PI server system is also available.

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