Cup Straddle Tools

Achieve zonal isolation in shallow, tight formations with our cup straddle tools


Deploying a straddle system to selectively isolate a multizone wellbore requires careful planning and reliable tools. Our straddle systems have been globally field-proven in over 13,000 stages in multiple sizes. Perform proppant, acid, and chemical stimulations, and restimulate multiple times with our Cup-Cup and Cup-Packer straddle stimulation systems.

Cup-Cup Packer

Our cup-cup stimulation packer is ideal in shallow, tight formations for providing zonal isolation. The packer system straddles the intended zone at specific depths, while the casing's completion system allows the fluid to flow. This tool also allows operators to target specific areas and complete wells with increased efficiency in cost and time.


Our cup-packer selective isolation tool is a field-proven option to stimulate new and existing completions. The system works by isolating the zone of interest between a cup and an isolation packer. Once the zone is isolated, fluid is pumped down the coiled tubing, stimulating the formation. This can be done selectively, leaving zones for future stimulations or simply stimulating out of order.

SPE papers:


  • Field-proven, robust sealing system that can withstand up to 10,000-psi (69,000-kPa) differential
  • Cup spacing can be changed to accommodate many different types of completions
  • Mechanical casing collar locator (CCL) allows for accurate depth control
  • Includes two memory gauges: one in the bullnose (below the cups) and one in the diverter nose (above the bottom cups)
  • Cup-Cup packer features an optional hydrostatic control valve to hold treating fluid in the coiled tubing


  • Memory gauges provide valuable post-stimulation data, including downhole pressure, temperature, and differential across the tools
  • Minimized acid lost to open perforations by holding it in the coiled tubing
  • Greater tool reliability, even in under-pressured wells or in screenout conditions


  • Stimulating formations through perforated casing or our Burst Port System (BPS™)
  • Restimulating existing completions (perforations, sleeves, or ports)
  • Proppant or acid stimulations
  • Cup-Cup Selective Isolation Tool Data Sheet

  • Cup-Packer Selective Isolation Tool Data Sheet

  • Refracturing With a Cup-to-Cup Tool Case Study

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